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Adapted Mind

Savannah has been using Adapted Mind for a little while and we love it! She can do it all by herself, but it is also a great way for us to work together on her math. It has been a great homeschool resource for us! Check it out!

Welcome Grace!

The summer of 2015, Todd and I started to think about adopting again. We got signed up with the same adoption agency we went with for Jackson, since they already had all our information. We were shown to some birthmothers here and there, but no solid matches happened. Around October, we were contacted by another agency about an outreach situation in Virginia. We decided to have them show us, and we were matched. That situation (and now we see how merciful it was), fell through. Since we had paid the agency fees for that Virginia situation, our money was kind of stuck there. Shortly after that situation, our agent told us about a birthmother that was due in August. My mind at the time (this was the end of February) couldn't even fathom August. I needed something sooner than that, or so I thought. So we were hesitant to go with that opportunity. There were different situations that presented themselves over the months, but nothing solid ever came through. Pretty soon it was the beginning of summer and we needed to commit to the situation with the birthmother in California, if we were going to. After a lot of prayer and scripture study, I finally "reconciled myself to the will of God," and commited my heart to this opportunity. We were able to talk with the birthmother and had a good chat. She is from Nigeria, so she reminded us a lot of Imma, and that was so nice. I think I was still really nervous because it seemed like the perfect opportunity, and I was scared of another failed placement. The weeks wore on and we were able to talk to the birthmother a few times. Pretty soon, we started making plans, sorting baby clothes, and thinking about names. I was still scared, mostly because I really wanted it to work out and there are never any guarantees. 

Our agent called one day and said that the birthmother had been at the doctor's all day because the baby had turned and they were talking about needing to do a c-section on Monday, July 18th. We were anxious all that weekend, and wondered if we would be traveling Monday. But the doctor's were able to turn the baby, so she wasn't born that day. We were disappointed at the time, but now I see the Lord's merciful hand again in wanting us to wait, so that we could be blessed with an even greater experience a few short weeks later. Finally, the time had arrived and the doctor's scheduled the birthmother to be induced that next Saturday, July 30th. So we made all our final plans and left the Thursday before. We drove a few hours and spent the night, and then finished the drive on Friday. We were staying about an hour from Oakland, at the parents of one of Todd's coworkers. We are always so grateful for the immense help we receive in these adoption journeys. The next day we headed to the hospital early. We met the birthmother, her three daughters, and friend, and everyone was so warm and kind. She got all checked in and then the wait started. Todd hung out with our kids, and the birthmother's friend with her daughters. I was able to stay with the birthmother. She wanted me to be there for the whole experience, and I was so grateful. She and I were able to bond and it was such a tremendous blessing. She was admitted at 8:00am on Saturday and around noon they turned on the medicine to induce labor. All that day we waited. There was no change. I slept in a chair that night in the birthmother's room. Neither of us slept very well, I think due to some anxiety, the discomfort, and the many beeping monitors. The next morning there wasn't really any change and we both felt a little down and impatient. The doctor's came that morning (Sunday) to check progress, and decided to do a few things to help make some progress in the labor. They broke her water later that morning. Todd came and we went to church, and by then contractions were building. We were grateful for the progress. We came back from church and contractions were getting more intense. Todd stayed with the kids in the waiting room, but eventually I told him that I didn't think the birth would be until later, so he should take the kids home. The birthmother's kids had stayed home too. 

On Saturday night I was worried about being able to keep the Sabbath holy the next day, and I wasn't sure about what to do about church. But it was such a lovely Sunday and we were able to go to Sacrament and the birthmother and I had a lovely afternoon and we talked about God and about the church and were able to read scriptures together. That was such a blessing. 

All that afternoon she was in pain with contractions. She decided later to get an epidural, but was really nervous if it would affect the baby somehow. She loved her baby so much. The epidural helped a lot, and so there was more hours of waiting. She was finally able to start pushing that night around 7:30, and it was a long hard labor for her. She was so strong and courageous. I was so thankful that she wanted me there so I could be a support to her and help and encourage her. She pushed for several hours. The doctors started saying that if the baby's head didn't come down soon, she would need to have a c-section. The birthmother was terrified at that thought. We all prayed that the baby would be able to be born naturally. It was looking like this baby really wanted an August 1st birthday, and at midnight, through much prayer and grace and mercy from the Lord, the baby was finally ready to be born. She was born at 12:21. It was such a miraculous and sacred experience. There is nothing to compare it to. The baby was strong and healthy and beautiful. They asked her name, and after I saw her I knew her name was Grace. The birthmother loved that name too. I had been praying all day to know what her name should be, as we still weren't settled on a name. But Grace was the name that came, as I thought about how the birthmother needed the enabling and strengthening power to endure through her pregnancy, the birth, and the ultimate placement she would do. And I also thought about how grace is the love and mercy and kindness of God, which He has manifest over and over in this adoption journey. So Grace was born, and we all loved her. The doctors and nurses were so understanding and compassionate, and the birthmother was so amazing and wanted me to cut the cord and be the first to hold the baby. 

After they cleaned up Grace, I was able to cut the cord and then held and rocked and fed her. It was so surreal. It was all so perfect, I kept waiting for it to end or for me to wake up or for someone to say it wasn't real. It was the most amazing experience. We all rested there for a few hours and then they came to move us to Postpartum. They took the birthmother to her room, and then I went with Grace to the NICU. She had to stay in the NICU because of some special medication. By this time it was about 3:30 and I hadn't slept that whole day. I was so tired. The nurse showed me how to care for Grace. I finally laid down around 4:30 and slept a little here and there. The next day (which was actually still Monday), Todd brought the kids up and they were able to see and hold Grace for a few minutes. We spent a little time with the birthmother, but I wanted her to sleep also. Through that day, I rested, read to Grace, fed and changed her, and sang to her. I can't put into words what a blessing it was. I was still so nervous, because I didn't want the experience to end. I wanted the placement to go through because I had fallen in love with Grace already and had grown to love the birthmother so much also. It was a fabulous day. Todd brought dinner later and we enjoyed dinner together. 

That night I went to bed early and was able to get a few more hours of sleep, in between all the monitor beeps and the feedings. The next morning Grace's birthmother and I visited for a time, and then she went back to her room and I went to get ready for the day. The doctor stopped me on the way out and asked if we would like to take Grace home that day. That was such a welcome idea, as we had been thinking it would be the next day. And I was definitely ready to not be "sleeping" on a hospital chair any more. I texted Todd so that when he came, he could bring all Grace's stuff and the birthmother gifts, should we be able to take her home that day. 

I was so nervous that day, as the attorney would be coming that afternoon. I was fairly certain that the birthmother would sign, as there was never any indication that she wouldn't, but it is still nervewracking. The morning was spent just kind of waiting. The hours went by slowly. People came in and out for paperwork, and the doctors and nurses came in and out a lot to do their discharge procedures. Before I knew it, the birthmother had signed. It all felt very natural. The paperwork and checkups happened throughout the afternoon. There were so many blessings and tender mercies. The Lord worked out all the details. Todd brought the gifts for the birthmother and we were able to spend a few precious moments with her just us. Eventually, all the paperwork had been completed and we were all ready to be discharged at the same time, which was another miracle. 

We got all our belongings and headed out, stopping to take pictures on our way to the car. We hugged the birthmother and we left. We couldn't believe it. It still felt so surreal; it had been such an amazing experience. 

I was thinking about the hospital experience and the time with Grace in the NICU. It became a truly sacred place for me. During the whole stay the Spirit was so strong, it was palpable. Even though it was a really exhausting experience, I felt so supported and sustained by the Spirit. And the Lord was so merciful to teach me important lessons. I felt changed through the whole experience. The birthmother in Virginia had expressed a desire for me to be there for the birth, but then that never came about. It was something that I had always longed for, to be there for the birth of my children. With infertility, that is something that I had always missed and really wanted. I was so thankful that the Lord blessed me with that sacred opportunity of having the whole hospital and birth experience. It was a miracle! 

Grace's birthmother is one of the most amazing women we have ever met. She is without guile, a truly good person. We are so thankful to welcome her and Grace into our family. We have been so blessed. The Lord was so kind to deny us the opportunity in Virginia so that we could be blessed with this precious baby. Words cannot adquately express our profound awe and gratitude for this gift, the gift of Grace.

Through this whole experience, and through our whole adoption journey, the Lord has been so merciful, generous, and gracious. We are so grateful for adoption. It is a miracle. Each one of our children are a miracle from God. And we have been changed by each one of their births. We will forever honor each of their courageous birthmothers, who chose to take care of their babies while pregnant, and, out of love, chose to place them for adoption. Without the love they had and have for their babies, we wouldn't have the blessing of children. We are so thankful for the goodness of the Lord. Heavenly Father knows where each of His children need to be. We know He has a plan for each one of His children, and we are so grateful that His plan for Savannah, Jackie, and Grace included us. We are forever thankful. 

Spring Break!

We have had a fun spring break week, but it has been busy! Savannah has been loving the nicer weather, and especially the bike riding, now that she is without training wheels! Jackie still loves to just ride along!

On Monday, we had an adventure day downtown. We took the train and visited all over temple square, the church history museum, city creek mall (including the fountains…Savannah got all wet), had a picnic lunch, and got rolls at the lion house. Some friends joined in too, and we all had a great time! But we were tired afterward!

On Tuesday the weather wasn’t as warm, so we just ran errands. Wednesday we had an adoption playgroup with a bunch of other kids at the Dinosaur Museum. Savannah loves adoption playgroup! 

We also had lunch with Todd at work and the kids love that, especially because they get ice cream. So a funny little thing about Jackie. He finds Savannah’s hair bands around, and pulls them onto his arm. But he doesn’t wear them like bracelets, he deliberately pulls them all the way up to his bicep. It’s funny.

Thursday we had another adoption playgroup, as well as grocery shopping, and a picnic lunch. Savannah was being pretty silly!

While we were at the park on Thursday, I lost my keys. I told Savannah I didn’t know what to do. She suggested we say a prayer, so we did, and I went back out to look for them. A neighbor was actually there at that park, and I asked if she could help me. She came over and was looking around an area that I hadn’t been looking, and found them! A true tender mercy and answered prayer! We were so thankful for Heavenly Father’s help!

On Thursday night, Savannah had her dance class, which she loves. But it is kind of just a trial run thing, we will sign up for a more permanent class come the fall, and maybe some camps in the summer. While Savannah was in her class, Jackie was driving his dump truck all around outside the building and was having a great time too!

Today we went to another park with other friends. So just lots of playing this week!

Todd added stars to Jackie’s special blanket and it looks great!

Virginia/D.C. Picture Post

Here's pics from our trip
We were lucky enough to find parking in Downtown DC on a weekday right between the White House and the Washington Monument. We went into Downtown the day after we got there because we didn't think we would have another chance after that. 
Eating at We, The Pizza! So good!
We didn't want to eat out every day, so we were super blessed to stay at our friends house and be able to use their kitchen. Making orange chicken, butternut squash, and cabbage for dinner one night.
At the Las Vegas airport waiting to board our plane to D.C.
At the National Museum of American History
At Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. Super cold that day.
Air and Space museum
Battle of Bull Run battlefields in Manassas, Virginia...just waiting for the time to head to the hospital to meet the birth mother.

At Arlington Cemetery

D.C. temple

We found this awesome hike in Virginia not too far away from where we were staying. It ended up being about 6 miles.
It even took us across the state line.
We were so excited to get back to our kids! Doing some hiking in St. George after we were all back together.

Virginia Adoption Experience

I started to get the adoption itch in May of 2015. I went to the temple and felt like we weren't done on the adoption route. We felt like we should go ahead and update our homestudy, which we did in the summer of 2015. We had originally planned to wait until about November, but then decided, why wait? We got signed up with Heart and Soul, and they started showing us to birthmothers. We decided on a pricepoint we would like to be near. We secured funding. But all the situations they showed us were much more than we had wanted. We didn't know what to do. At what point do you just say no, or do you just say yes and trust the money will work out somehow. Ultimately, we said yes to the various situations. But we weren't chosed for any of them. That is hard in an of itself just the anticipation that maye you will be picked, but then over and over not being chosen.

One day in October we learned about a situation through another agency. So we decided to send in our info and have them show us to that birth mother. While we were waiting to hear about that situation, they sent out another opportunity in Virginia, the baby anticipated to be due in January. They said that the first situation wasn't going to work out, because that birth mother chose another family. So we had them show us to this birth mother in Virginia.

A week or so went by, and we found out that she chose us. We were excited, but I was quickly anxious and nervous as well, like usual when we are on the adoption journey. We started getting the money figured out and filling out their many forms and paperwork. That part is always somewhat dreadful. And the wait began. 

We spoke with the birth mother on and off. We found out that she was going to see her family over Thanksgiving, and I was so nervous, just at the thought that they would get her to change her mind. Her family didn't know. We spoke after Thanksgiving and it seemed that she was able to keep it hidden. Meanwhile, I was just so nervous. I was hoping that the baby would be born early, sometime in December. We spoke with her before Christmas, after she had finally been able to get a doctor appointment, and they moved her due date back a month, to February 18th. More waiting. I was so disappointed. But still hoping that maybe the baby would just be born in January now. 

She went to Georgia again for Christmas, and then was just really emotional and overwhelmed afterward that she didn't want to talk with us for a long time. It was a really hard time, not hearing from her. All the waiting and wondering. I really wanted to give up and just not do this situation anymore. But I felt like all I could do was move forward. I remember one day being really stressed and worried and concerned that it wouldn't work out, and I felt that I should just take a little time writing that day during Jackie's nap time. And Heavenly Father blessed me to know that we were doing His will by being on this specific route. He taught and comforted me in those moments, and I was so thankful for the stability that brought over the next few weeks.

Days of peace or turmoil would come and go. We continued waiting. At another weak moment, I was feeling so emotionally insecure and fragile. I remember checking Facebook and saw a friend had just announced they were expecting, and another friend just had a baby and they named her a name I really liked. Anyway, I was being really prideful, and immature, and just wanted to throw something. I realized that I needed to do more to increase my spiritual well-being and so I took myself off Facebook for a time and started reading a book by Elder Maxwell instead. 

Though, one thing about that was that I started to distance myself from everyone. I didn't reach out to anyone or talk about the adoption with anyone. I started to just pretend that it wasn't happening, not thinking about it, not talking about it, but still being really anxious. I noticed that I wasn't being very patient or loving with my kids. I was really struggling to be kind, amidst the stress and selfishness. I was trying to do it all on my own. It was really confusing.

Finally, after several weeks, the birth mother wanted to talk with us, and we had a good visit. But the doctor's also told her that they wouldn't induce her until the 27th of February if she didn't deliver by the 18th. So more waiting. Each moment was hard. Just all the waiting, wondering. Not knowing how or when things would turn out. And worrying about the money too. Several times just feeling tempted to give up. I was so emotional. I was so worried about the timing, as my mom was supposed to come at the beginning of March and six months out would put the sealing after my mom would go home from the family reunion in August. We fasted a few times. 

One Sunday, I was feeling really low again. Just feeling so impatient. All the waiting and wondering and worrying. I just felt so weak. I was so anxious each moment and couldn't stop worrying about it. Todd gave me a blessing. But I went all through Sunday so anxious. I just felt like I didn't know what to pray for anymore. Todd and I were able to counsel together later, and that was helpful. 

One day I had the impression to look at flights, and I saw that flights for the next Wednesday were cheap, which was a few days before the induction was scheduled. So we decided it was time to make our travel arrangements. I was excited, and relieved to be at that point. So the work of making arrangements began. We had so many questions: when should we go, how shoud we get there, do we take the kids, not take the kids. We worked together to sort out all the logistics, and I truly felt guided by the Lord. I took one day at a time, and as I would ask what I should do that day, He would bring specific impressions and direction, and I felt like we were directed by Him. All the details were soon sorted out, as far as the kids and arrangements, and then we just began the work of the packing and preparing. We were able to talk with the birth mother before we left and that was good. 

Finally the day arrived to go, it was a Wednesday. I was so nervous to leave the kids and so nervous for the adoption. I could only take it one day at a time. We got up early and dropped the kids off at a neighbor at 7:15 and made our way to St. George to trade cars with my cousin who would get the kids and watch them starting Saturday. Then to Vegas for our flight to D.C. We got to Virginia about 11:00pm, but were thankful the day had gone well. We had the blessing of staying with some friends who graciously opened their home to us and let us use their car and made sure all our needs were met. They were a true witness of Heavenly Father's love. Thursday we decided to do a little sight-seeing. The birth mother was scheduled to be induced the next day. We went into the city and did all the usual museums and tourist spots. Todd was super excited for pizza for lunch and we ate at a fun hamburger place for dinner. The day was delightful together. But in between the fun, was always an axious feeling for the birth the next day. 

Friday, the birth day. It is usually a hard day, and we knew that the next few days would be challenging. We didn't really know what to do. We just hung out in the morning. Originally, the birth mother had asked if we wanted to be there for the birth, which I was super excited about, but then she decided she just wanted it to be her. We went to a few other sight-seeing places that day, while we waited for word from our agent. While we were at the air and space museum we got word that the baby was born, and I was very relieved. But then we also found out that she was struggling with the idea of placing. All along she had been adamant in stating that she would not change her mind. It's always harder than they think it will be. We were so anxious. We didn't know what to do. And now she wasn't even sure she wanted to meet us. Later on, we found out that she did want to meet us the next day. We fasted, particularly to be able to endure to the end of this experience.

On Saturday we visited a Battlefield to waste time until it was time to go to the hospital. I had been in such grief that morning, just this dreadful worry that the adoption wouldn't happen. I was beyond helpless. And I was really just wanting to go home, I didn't even want to meet her. After Todd's reminder that this adoption definitely would fail, if we didn't go meet her, I agreed. We made our way to the hospital, prayers in our heart. And the visit went great. We were able to hold the baby and talk and laugh with the birth mother and the adoption agent. And we had an enjoyable time. And we all felt comfortable. It was probably one of the best hospital experiences we've had. We left feeling hopeful, and that we had done the Lord's will. I felt peace and I was grateful. The birth mother would soon need to decide what to do, as she was being discharged the next day. 

Failed. Another failed adoption. Unreal. We found out later that night that the birth mother would be taking the baby home. We were devastated, confused, angry, and full of sorrow. We couldn't believe this was happening, again. We just didn't understand. We had so many questions. We tried to get flights home, but that only added to the grief, as we couldn't get home for a few days because of the cost of flights. That was hard in an of itself because it gave me this false hope that she would change her mind or there would be some other adoption miracle. 

Sunday. We woke up so distraught, sad, and just angry. We felt alone, forgotten, and just confused. We found a ward to attend, and asked for blessings from the Bishop. We just felt numb. Later on Sunday, we did our (what is now becoming a Reynolds family tradition) failed-adoption-talk. We vented, we complained, we cried, we questioned, and then we started to talk about things we learned, have learned, could learn. We talked about tender mercies and tried to look for the bright things. We took a walk, we started down the road of allowing the Savior to heal us. 

The next couple of days, while waiting for our flight, we did some more sight-seeing. Just took time trying to heal and actually mostly just distract. We went to the temple and that was a great help. My emotions are all over the place. I will be sad one moment, then fine, then angry, then distanced, then filled with pain, then fine again. We still don't have all the answers, and we might not. But the Lord has begun to teach us important lessons, and eternal truths, and some sacred understandings for this adoption. He will continue to teach us and heal us and guide us. 

We know that these experiences are for sacred reasons. We don't know why we must keep going through these experiences, but the Lord is trying to make something of us, something that we can't fully see yet. So all we can do is trust in Him. We are so thankful for adoption. It is a true miracle. And though it be a hard road, it is the road we are to travel, and we are grateful that the Lord can work through us to help testify of His plan for His family.

As the prophet Ether taught it matters not what happens to us in this life, if we are faithful then we will be saved in the kingdom of God. So all the money, the work, the outcome of this particular experience doesn't matter, we just need to be faithful to God and His will for our family. All the answers to our questions and experiences aren't given in the moment. That is part of the test, we must be faithful to Him despite our lack of sure knowledge at the time. Christ is there. He knows. He understands. God weeps with us as we weep. And Their grace is sufficient in our weakness. This, the sorrow, the pain, the confusion, the dissapointment, is all part of our mortal experience. This is all part of the Father's plan to prepare us for the life He lives. And He will never forsake us, even in our darkest moments, when we feel forsaken. How thankful I am to know that God is faithful and sure in His eternal love for us, come what may, He is always there. 

Always On the Move...and Adoption Update

We are always on the move with two little kids. Something fun is always happening! We have been taking lots of field trip to the curiosity museum since it has been so cold this winter. We also took a little day trip up to Logan to get some ice cream and visit our future sister-in-law's family's restaurant. We loved going to the Provo temple open house! It is amazing! And Savannah is super excited about Valentine's Day! We did a culture Family Home Evening about Australia and friends that came to teach us about that country also taught us all about Tim Tam Slams!

Adoption update...since I took myself off facebook for a little while (just needing a break)...for those who look on our blog, I thought it might be good to put a little update out there. We are still waiting for the birth of this little baby girl in Virginia. We are super anxious and on edge, but things continue to move forward. So we are anxiously waiting. We try to distract ourselves as much as possible, but trying to move forward in faith and hope. She is due next week, but they won't induce her until the week after if she doesn't go by then. So we just keep praying and hoping.

January Playing

We have had a good January. I worked really hard to get the house back in order after the holidays, so we have had a lot of time for playing, creating, and being silly. We have especially been loving the curiosity museum right down the street from our house, when it is so cold outside. The kids play well together, and Jackie really loves tackling Savannah. But he also really loves helping to clean and just be involved. Savannah loves dressing cute (she's been coming up with some very interesting headbands lately), being silly, reading, and playing with friends. She is a very social girl. Todd has been working hard on his app, and I have been having a lot of great success with family history. I am really grateful the Lord allows us to do family history, and has given so many amazing resources! It is so fun to find clues and put all the pieces together to find families that need to be sealed together.

Wow December

Super late, but here's a few December highlights. The month started off with a great culture night about Ukraine. We love doing culture nights! If you have lived somewhere fun, please let us know and we would love to have you come over for a culture night.
Savannah had a successful dentist appointment...until the end. He wanted us to make an appointment to have him pull out her front baby tooth that just wasn't coming out, even though the adult tooth behind it was almost all the way in. I didn't think she would even sit in the chair for him to pull it out, so I suggested that we just "work on it" for a couple weeks. And it successfully came out! And just so you know...the Tooth Fairy doesn't work on Christmas Eve, but Santa delivers the quarters for her, since he is already going out.

We took lots of outings: Gardener Village to see the Elves, temple square (Savannah's favorite), a trip to see the Reindeer, and a visit to the Train Shoppe in Salt Lake.
We also did a successful meal at the Ronald McDonald house. We love going there! Let us know if you would like to join in sometime! We like to go fairly often. This year Savannah made little candy cane reindeer to give to all the kids, too.

We also had fun making lots of crafts like wreaths, ornaments from red and white mints, and ginger bread houses.
And we had lots of time with visiting family from out of town, and it was great to see everyone.

Some of our favorite times at Christmas were putting on a nativity, watching polar express and drinking hot chocolate, and having a super lazy fun Christmas day to just play at home!

We really enjoyed the time Todd had off from work. We visited the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the BYU art museum (Savannah wanted to wear our new family shirts that Todd made for us for Christmas), got Savannah a new fish (Santa brought her a better fish tank than Swimmy had), and of course enjoyed lots of yummy food!

Halloween and November

I haven't been as diligent at posting lately...but here's what's been up at the Reynolds' house lately.

For Halloween we enjoyed ghost pancakes for breakfast, a spooky lunch of bats and cobwebs, monster fingers, and broomstick breadsticks... (can I just say how much I love having Halloween on Saturday?), and then later did trick or treating with the kids. We went to see my Grandma in Alpine and then just did trick or treating in her neighborhood. Jackie caught on pretty quick: stand at door, wait for person, get candy, put in bucket, say thank you, go to the next house. We did a lot of hair that week, getting Savannah ready to be Bride of Frankenstein. And Jackie was kind of nervous, not knowing who I was.

Also at the end of October we were able to go to the Ronald McDonald house to put on dinner there. It went great and was a lot of fun. We, and several other families, all made soups, salad, and breadsticks. And Savannah had been preparing for several weeks before for her own little lemonade stand, where she had lemonade, chocolate chip cookies, and homemade bracelets and necklaces to give to the kids. She had a great time!

November is already half way done, and we have been able to support National Adoption Month by attending the annual Utah Adoption Council Boondocks event. We were able to play games, do go carts, play mini golf, and enjoy lunch. They do this event every year and we love it!

Savannah had a little crisis, though. We did a homeschool about fish, and so she really wanted to get a pet fish. She worked hard one morning doing extra chores to earn some money for a fish and food (she had already bought a bag of the gravel stuff, and we already had a fish bowl). That afternoon we went to the store and she bought a fish, which she promptly named "Swimmy." She fed him and put him in her room...however, about 24 hours later, Swimmy was dead. Savannah was sad. And we were sad for her. So now she is asking for a real fish tank (not the silly bowl we already had) for Christmas, one with more space for a fish and a filter...

And just for your is a picture of a recent Savannah lunch concoction, which she made up all by herself. She called it Hot Dog Cheese, of course, and it is small cut up pieces of alternating hot dogs and mozzarella cheese stick in a bun....mmmm.